Structural Moving

Single story, multi-story, old, new, brick, wood … if it’s a structure, Atlas can move it.

One of the advantages of hiring a structural moving company that’s been in business since 1977 is that no matter what the challenge or how delicate the move, Atlas Enterprises has likely done something similar before.

Structural moving has also become more popular recently as real estate prices climb and people are attracted to the notion of preserving great houses while enjoying the benefits of a great, new location. Buying a house on one property — perhaps a structure slated for demolition to make room for an expanding business — and moving it to a new location can save tens of thousands of dollars compared to the alternatives.

Whether you’re moving a historic church or your dream house that was just built in a bad location, Atlas can accomplish it as efficiently, quickly and affordably as possible. Contact us for your structural moving and house moving projects.