About Us

Little did Ron Holland know when he borrowed equipment from Herman Swanson in 1968 to raise his own house in Forest City to put a basement underneath it that he was starting a business that today is one of the leaders of the industry.

Ron, an engineer at Winnebago Industries at the time, found the process of raising his house off its foundation intriguing. At the same time, Swanson was looking to sell his equipment and get out of the business. Ron and Herman made a deal, and Ron Holland House Moving was born as a part-time venture. In 1977 Ron incorporated the business and began moving structures full time.

Ron Holland House Moving, today known as Atlas Enterprises, also gave rise to two other companies. In 1981, Holland began making the Holland Dollie®. Today Holland Dollies remain the staple product of HMR Supplies, which manufactures equipment for companies that regularly move large, heavy, awkward objects.

Holland’s son, Chris, founded CR Holland Crane Service in 2000, adding heavy lifting to the family business capabilities. Today the three companies — Atlas Enterprises, HMR Supplies and CR Holland Crane Service — are still family owned and based in Forest City, Iowa.  The three Holland companies often combine forces to provide total solutions for our customers.

For Structural Moving, Housemoving, House raising contact us at 641-585-3630.