Foundation Renovations

We create new possibilities for your basement.

When it comes to usable space, basements are getting more and more attention. Atlas Enterprises can open a whole new world of possibilities for renovating, expanding or repairing your foundation and basement through our structural raising capabilities. Our customers use our raising services for:

  • Creating a modern, heated, energy-efficient basement living space under a historic house, giving them modern amenities below ground while preserving the historic feel of the house above ground.
  • Remodeling current basements in ways that allow for more energy efficiency, heated floors, natural light and more.
  • Allowing for expansion of the basement to fit with expansion of the above-ground structures.
  • Permanently repairing basement structural problems.
  • Raising upper stories out of a flood plain.

The basement is perhaps the most overlooked living space in today’s residential structures. Atlas Enterprises can help turn a dark, dank basement into a beautiful asset for your home.