Atlas Enterprises (which was founded as Ron Holland House Moving) has been raising and moving residential structures of every size and description since 1977. Wood frame, brick, a combination of the two, no matter what your structure is made of, you can rely on Atlas Enterprises, a premier house mover with more than a quarter century of experience and expertise to move it as safely and efficiently as possible.

Top reasons our residential customers move houses …

  • More and more people are considering buying residential structures in one location and moving them to another location, creating the ideal combination of house and lot at a great value.
  • Customers hire Atlas to raise their existing house to replace or expand its basement to make a more livable, modern, energy-efficient space. Learn more.
  • Customers sometimes get incredible bargains on houses that would otherwise be demolished to make way for an expanding business and relocate them to a new lot.

Whether you want to move a residential structure two blocks or 20 miles, or just raise a structure off its foundations for renovations, Atlas has likely done it many times before. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.